Sat Nov 11 13:41:23 EST 2017

/nix on NFS

What about exporting /nix readonly to the local net?  This would be a
simple way to have all local machines run the same software without
need for separate management, e.g. for clustering purposes.

Local machines then can have simple links to /nix as if it was local.
Management will happen on the central machine.


Anyway autofs is not needed for that is this would only be for Debian

EDIT: Tried on lroom, readonly.  Seems to work ok.

root@lroom:~# cat /etc/fstab |grep /nix /nix nfs ro 0 0

tom@lroom:~$ cat .bashrc |grep nix
[ -f /etc/debian_version ] && PATH=$PATH:~/.nix-profile/bin