Thu Nov 23 17:28:58 EST 2017

Techno restart

Listening to some DJ sets on Youtube by Amelie Lens.

1) Her-farrago
2) unknow :(
3) Prolecanites- Roberto 
4) Bellatrix-Schelf 
5) Revelation-Boston 168
6) Markus Suckut- Shibuya Crossing
7) Rigel- Schelf
8) Motion Denied -Edge Of Motion
9) Signal Response (Amelie Lens Remix) Michael Klein
10) Lowdown (Reprise) Psyk
11) Blade Runner- Dax J
12) Glasgow- David Temessi & Giovanni Carozza
13) Paling Trax 1 (A2)- Lenson
14) Rimming One -Rimming 15)Linearup -TorqueDj 16)Psalm-Slam 

Wondered what the mixer is doing, as she seems to have a loop recorded
in there activated by a button.  What mixer is that?
Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 ?
If so, that was a filter button.
Guess is prob highpass filter to take the BD out.