Fri Apr 3 02:06:31 EDT 2015

Filters and distortion

I don't remember where I read this, but it was something like this:
"There's a time in a guitarist gearhead discovering the simplicity of
chained alternated distortion and filtering."

When I found this I bought two Behringer EQ700 equalizer pedals and a
OD300 distortion.  That gave me lots of fun for a while.  Then I tried
to chain the EQ->DIST->EQ with another distortion, the Boss DS-1.

It seems as if the boss acts as a gate, which gives a staccato dynamic
to playing an otherwise wildly messed up sound.  I love it!

It seems that the gating is actually not due to the DS-1.  I'm feeding
4 pedals from a single 9V using a daisy chain cable so this might
cause some unusual effects.

The gating is nice.  Very expressive to have the silence vs. messed up
whatever thing going on.