Wed Jan 21 13:20:09 EST 2015

Box of knobs

BCR2000 with 3x8 directly accessible knobs and one 1x8 row
multiplexing 4 rows.

Controlling sound with this, what is the problem?
- Connectivity of parameterized generators
- Parameter scales

The scales problem is actually the more important one.  Dreaming up
connections is easy and easy to encode: it's just stream operators.
Getting the scales right is a real pain.  So why not solve that
problem in a systematic way?

Scales are somewhat recursive.  Apart from the lin, log or stretched
exponentials[1], there is the "ends" problem.  The ends should be
sliders themselves.  But what are the ends of the ends?

[1] http://zwizwa.be/-/math/20130503-144443