Wed Nov 14 18:44:48 EST 2012


I like this one.  Reminds me of someting.  Anyway, time to analize.  I
can only play keyboard in a specific key, I don't even know which one
it is, but it has all the black keys + C/F.  Easier to remember
visually.  It's a diad sequence in 4/4

   1  .  2  .  3  .  4  .
   C        G# G#    C#
   F        F  F     C

I like those minor seconds, probably because they are impossible to
play on gitar, at least for me.

1. What key is this?
2. What scale is this?
3. What are the chords that go with this?

1. F

2. Phrygian @ F

3. The intervals are: 5, m3, m2.  The 5 and m3 are maybe best
interpreted as coming from the same chord: minor triad.  For the m2
the C# is clearly dominant, it is also a fifth below the 3 note in the
m3.  The minor second is this best interpreted as a major 7th.  It
looks like the chords are Fm, C#maj7, the root and fifth of the
Phrygian @ F scale.

It might be easier to play this one semitone lower, rooted at E, since
it's a major scale mode.