Thu Nov 17 16:50:54 EST 2011

My loops

I got tons of unprocessed techno recordings that might be repurposed
for making new tracks.  It would be nice to find a good way to index
them. i.e. perform beat matching etc.

It's about 8G of FLAC.  The whole won't fit into memory.  It would fit
in compressed form though.

I tried mixxx again and I get depressed by the overall messy feel of
that program.  Maybe I'm being an ass, but I really can't get it to
work after a couple of minutes; that shouldn't be..

This looks pretty much like a dead end.  I have no thinking substrate.

I need a way to think about "context" in a music file, and based on
that context, derive things like BPM, current 4 beat window, ...

Let that be the seed idea: represent context in a music file, and
perform computations on it.