Tue Nov 15 17:42:54 EST 2011


I'm thinking about making music again...  At least I'm listeing to
music again..  Something went wrong in the last couple of years, brain
shifted towards a different kind of aestetic..  I got interested in

I'm listening to two kinds of music: guitar and electronic.  Both have
a different sentiment to them.  Guitar is usually more about people.
The electronic isn't.  Wether I want to listen to either depends on
whether I'm pissed off by someone or not :)

Anyway.  Music.  Interface.  The thing is that, while I have all this
technology available to make music, I still don't feel that I can make
something that comes from within.  Actually I can, when I make it
severely limited, minimal..  Maybe that's the path to go then.

So, interface.  

Trouble with these spurrs of motivation is that some kind of
incremental approach needs to be happening after an initial convoluted
hacking session...  How to get there?

Maybe I should just continue what I'm doing..  Get my damn DSP
compiler code into Pd.