Tue Apr 27 19:33:53 EDT 2010

Samples really suck

I like loops, but I don't like samples.  Maybe it's because I like
polyrythm and a bit more synth-like unpredictability..  Also, samples
are a real pain to manipulate, edit, ...  That never really worked for

Another thing: once you have a loop as a sample and you pitch it
up/down, it looses its character.  It becomes ordinary or something..
Difficult to express..

So, back to synth-only?

How then to capture these modulation-based rhythms?

Looks like I digged myself a hole again..  Let's make that the real
objective this time; not to do that.

The real point seems to be to keep the parameter space simple and keep
the configuration manifold smooth, so you can walk around in it.
I.e. if there are not too many degrees of freedom, an instrument is
born.  Too much freedom is no good.

So: only cycles.  In pd, simple: only phasor~ objects, both for tone
and rhythm (modulation).  No events.

Working title: no events - only cycles

Something to think about: 
  - build network,
  - find some pot motion that works well
  - abstract the motion into an oscillation