Bridge meta/dspm with rai.

RAI:  practical (working) C code generator with ad-hoc model.
DSPM: collection of Haskell type classes, extracting the useful combinators.

The 4 problems:

- properly relate composition of implementation of state machines to
  arrows.  their behavior is already arrow like.

- time domain: represent sub/super-sampling.  some ad-hoc
  implementation of this exists.  find a way to abstract.

- integrate spatial domain operations as presented in Feldspar

- allow for the abstraction of data primitives (e.g. parameterize over
  the the instruction set of a DSP).

20160216 Haskell vs. Scheme
20150904 Block computing
20150830 Functions of signals
20150829 Sequences as folds
20150823 Loop fusion for accumulating maps
sys vs <*>
20150821 Vector representation
20150820 Vector output
Abstract Vectors
Code vector representation
While loop
20150819 curried Comp function induction
Curried primitives
Feldspar fusion trick
20150818 Next
Normal forms
If (Int -> m t) works, [m t] or m [t] should work as well.
20150817 Int -> m t
Joining state
Running in circles
r (Sig m t) ?
What does it mean?
goals recap
Expressing temporal behavior
Pair again
Trying out Applicative representation
20150815 Feedback does produce "infinite lists"
Eval: finite lists?
20150814 m
Expression syntax
Allowing expressions
Taking out Siso.hs
20150813 Comp (Sig Comp o) -> Sig Comp o
Missing Link: generate Comp signals
Not getting it
SysState, StateFB, StateFold
20150811 Signals and connectors.
Only applicative?
20150809 Signal-oriented..
Two things to solve by re-arranging
20150807 Ordinary state monad
20150806 Applicative remarks
20150805 Prelim conclusion
It's the outputs.
The other monad
20150804 Applicative signal processor
20150803 Duplication
Applicative: Conclusions & Questions
(a -> a -> m a ) -> m a -> m a -> m a
lifting Ring over Sys
20150802 fold over sys
Multiple vectors
commutation again
Next: generic Term traversal
CompRed try
GHC error
State as hierarchical binding constructs
Continuation Monad - reasoning problems
20150801 Next: fish out state
Dumping state
20150731 next: fold
weird error
20150729 Representation of Collection, or collection of representations?
So what's the type for mix?
20150726 Space
next: Space
20150725 next: define Ring over (,)
Compiling Sys
Compilation monad
nesting Sys
20150724 Structuring
s -> i -> (s, o)
Data.hs from meta/dspm
Target Assembly
20150723 Representation type constructor
20150722 Compiler instance
Data spec
Removing the 2 approaches comment
20150721 Compilation monad
Figure out the code generation existential
The problem is not the Arrow instance
Code gen / Existentials
20150720 Dont expose the state
Getting used to types
Pick apart
Phantom types and existential types
generator = language -> program
Only unit delay?
20150719 I'm looking at it the wrong way
Very interesting problem
This is a problem of levels
Parameterized arrow
Let's ask on the Haskell list
Causal or not?
Revisit after RAI implementation