Wed May 29 17:31:33 EDT 2013

Delay: cut out dl-bind.. what happens?

I reverted the change.  Doesn't look like a good plan for now.  It
really is a bit problematic to do the type annotation if there is no
explicit dl-bind to balance the dl-index.

Still, the abstraction is quite lowlevel.  Not sure what to do with

As for the multiple-state problem, it is probably possible to perform
proper multi-delay expansion at the dl-bind level, since the loop
index is known there.

Still, it's all a bit fishy.  What is really needed is a good way to
loop over lists of constants.  It's perfectly possible to put these in
the code, though it is a bit harder to perform the necessary juggling
to mix compile time and run time computations as in the case of delay
lines, where max length is necessary for allocation and run time index
is used.

So, for now: delay lines are serial only.