Wed May 29 08:51:49 EDT 2013

Time feedback

Still doesn't sit well.  Doing stuff behind the scenes seems
unnatural.  While composition of recursive systems is nice, it is not
clear where the state goes.  So having an explicit "capture" for the
state feedback might be a better approach.

Making the time loop explicit will also remove the awkward "hold" and
"setup" constructs.  But it will break stream semantics.

Essentially, what is needed is some construct that will transform what
we have now into an explicit loop form like this:

(loop (t (t_endx 64))
      ((acc ...))
      ((in ...))

Where all the acc stuff is threaded.

The state threading really is an essential feature, but it has an
intrinsic conflict: can't get at that which is hidden!

So, the stream semantics is essential.