Thu May 23 18:11:08 EDT 2013


Faust Workshop Part 1 - Feb 23, 2013 - CCRMA Stanford University 

Relationship with faust:

- Everything in Faust is a signal processor.

  This is more similar to a functional Forth dialect than to a Scheme
  dialect, where everything is a value.  Though in RAI, all functions
  are signal processors / operators.

- Except the algebra combinators, which are higher signal processor
  processors :)

- It does "parameteric code", basically higher order functions,
  alledgedly built on pattern matching.

- There's an IDE called FaustWorks

- There is an embeddable compiler tying into LLVM.

- Effects library written by Julius Smith

- The Latex output is cute :)

I'm wondering if a lot of the things in RAI aren't unconsciously
inspired by Faust examples.  E.g. the "bus" word.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4CKgIhdyVg
[2] http://repmus.ircam.fr/_media/mamux/saisons/saison11-2011-2012/orlarey-2012-02-03.pdf
[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9QJFHE7lVo