Tue May 14 10:45:19 EDT 2013

Type system trouble: delay lines

It should be possible to derive types (sizes) from constants present
in the code, otherwise there is a level-shifting problem: can't
parameterize delay length in a function!

Is there a way to do unification with more generic constraints, like
"size > 1000" ?  Since I don't have a type system to embed in, I could
use any logic program to do the actual constraint specification.

Currently, it might be possible to solve this elsewhere: add a type
family parameter, and put a constraint on it.

FIXME: So there's a workaround for the most important use: currently
only fixed number indices are possible to make FDNs work.  ai-array/1
will unify this with the Delay array type.  The multi-tap problem can
then be solved later.