Fri Jan 25 15:47:30 CET 2013

Parameter structure

Allow input / parameter to be organized in a tree structure.

Some ideas:

* from a C perspective (state and input management) we really just
  want flat structures, possibly named.  Structure can then be
  recovered using a good naming convention.  Doing this with compile
  time metadata is a pain.

* flat C side means no need to separate inputs/params.  simply make it
  easy to distinguish the boundary between the two (if inputs
  structure is flattened, the offset of the flattened structure needs
  to be tracked)

The question is then purely syntactical on the specification side:

- define abstraction and application forms.
- how to deal with loops? (later, just inline for now)

EDIT: `map', ajusted for context threading, should really just work.
The AI then needs to pass a list of values, or a representation of a
list that the AI version of `map' understands.  The problem is: how
does the evaluator know the type?

Summary: the problem is types: evaluator needs to know what to put in.

Maybe the trick is to separate definition and instantiation.  This
would avoid the need for a type system.