Fri Jan 18 23:44:48 CET 2013

Doing it wrong?

Is there a way to define this stuff on a higher level?  Instead of
working with pure update functions explicitly, why not work with
operations on streams?  Every value is a stream.  Is there a way to
perform AI on this such that the state-threading comes out directly?

It seems that "AI composes", but the syntactic stuff does not.

Let's try this out:
- specification is on streams
- abstract interpretation performs the insertion of state nodes

Can't grasp it, some ideas:

- It should be AI, and some of the AI runs at Scheme compile time,
  such that it will be possible to generate _SCHEME_ code that
  implements the abstract domain code.  It's a great test.

  Basically, stay away from syntax in the basic functionality: really
  to stick to functions as functions compose.

Simply modifying the code in rai-ssa.rkt poses the problem that a
state update function has at least 2 outputs: state and out.  This
needs to be represented in code.