Sun Dec 23 20:30:14 EST 2012

More use of GCC

I wonder if it is possible to skip the "Cons" step in Code and
generate arg lists directly.  Also, why flatten out everything when C
can just as well do the inlining?  Multiple rvalues can just use
pointers, and even function pointers get inlined properly.  This
eliminates a whole lot of shuffling..

Also, once there is type-correct "bunch of functions" C-like
representation, translating this to something more lowlevel seems like
a problem that can just be done separately.  My type issues are mostly
with high level constructs and "blessed floats".

The problem seems to be one of inlining of state data accesses.
Leaving this to C might lead to inefficient code.  Not sure..  Maybe
it's not a problem at all.