Wed Jan 4 08:47:40 EST 2012

Getting Sys.hs to work

I'm collecting the state/array wrapper generation in Pd.hs

Next is to try to make Sys.hs work with this.

It seems that Sys type needs to be annotated with a lot of interfaces
to make compilation work.  Let's see where this leads.

Note that Sys is still "optional".  And only there to allow Functor /
Applicative / Category / Arrow instances without having to deal with
the state types.

The alternative is to use dynamic typing as suggested in a reply to
one of my Haskell Cafe questions.  This might be good enough.

Looks like the current problem in Sys.hs is an inproperly organized
dependency structure.  It needs to know that Arrays of structs are
also arrays, which is currently encoded in the TMLword class, but
doesn't seem to end up at the right place..

Yeah.. This is too hard.  Isn't there a simpler way?

Just define the "compile Sys to Term" thing in a separate interface
and be done with it?