Mon Jan 2 19:10:19 EST 2012

Sys.hs and monadic initial values

Or more specifically, use a monadic (,) :

cons a b = do
  a' <- a
  b' <- b
  return $ (a',b')

Does this mean that all of this trickles down?

That should really be avoided..

Recap.  The monadic lit was necessary to ensure every input is a
variable reference, and no literals can appear in expressions.

The problem with that is that it is no longer possible to define
values of (r Tint), (r Tfloat), ... that can be used in the initial
state concatenation of Sys.hs

It's possible to make that composition monadic such as mentioned
above, but will that cause other problems?  Let's see.

Jep, straightforward after some wrong starts and type annotations.