Sat Dec 31 16:11:46 EST 2011


Is it possible to remove that tourist stx parameter in Struct?
Apparently, but that leads to some loose ends here and there.

This error is strange / 0test_integration.hs t16

    No instance for (StructVar Term (Code (L (Tint -> Tfloat))))
      arising from a use of `compile3'
    Possible fix:
      add an instance declaration for
      (StructVar Term (Code (L (Tint -> Tfloat))))
    In the expression: compile3 f2

This shouldn't happen..  Should be  L (Code ...  instead of Code (L ...

Maybe it's a faulty class constraint in SArray.hs

After cleanup (see previous post) I still get the same !@#$ error.

  No instance for (StructVar Term (Code (L (Tint -> Tfloat))))
  No instance for (Struct Code as0 (Code (L (Tint -> Tfloat))))