Fri Dec 30 19:50:19 EST 2011

It's a mess

I messed it up good.  It's time to start thinking about the structure
of things.  It looks like allowing Term where we really want Var or
VarTree is just making things worse.


- Think about the difference of Var, VarTree, Term
  Especially VarTree <-> Var can be quite confusing.

The main problem seems to come from Unpack:

  Unpack VarTree Var
  Unpack VarTree Vartree

Both are valid in some weird distorted way.  The first is an actual C
structure unpack, the second is a rebinding of variables caused by the
use of virtual structs for the _get' and _set' "distributing" struct

It would be good to get it back to a working state, and redo some of
the changes with this in mind.  Current state is too ill-defined to
get anywhere.