Wed Oct 19 21:22:33 EDT 2011

Reflection / summary.


- TML + Value/Code interpretations.  This just needs additional

- Convenient generic compilation of functions over nested binary

- Arrow composition of state machine iteration functions, as a
  representation of their trivial fold: stream operations.


- Make fold part of the generic language stack (type classes) instead
  of an ad-hoc "print".

  This is not so important now (direct correspondence between state
  space model and its trivial fold over 1D i/o streams) but might be a
  problem later when folds are nested.  Think about it now.

  Also, it is a not elegant if there are 2 folds (one for a code
  interpretation, one for a syntax interpretation) and they are not

- Make the commutations clear: interpretations and folds/maps and
  their relations + find the proper names for the morphisms / find
  some references.