Mon Oct 17 12:27:37 EDT 2011


Next: combinators.  It's one thing to make the arrow combinator of
in/out chaining work, but there are definitely other things that need
some kind of "map" or for loop.

Currently I don't really know how to do that.  Maybe it's best to
focus on the simple thing: just lift a Sys to a Pd/SM object.  This

  - state initialization

  - creation of for loop over inputs + state variables
  - float to int conversion and back

Automatic float<->int conversion can be postponed until later.  the
main question is: should this "map" be simply generation of C syntax,
or should it go first into a data structure to make the implementation
a bit more abstract?

Maybe I should start with the interface.  What is it that should be
mapped?  And then write it as a functor.

Let's clean up the code a bit more to prepare for this.