Thu Sep 22 12:56:08 EDT 2011

Interfacing Pd with LLVM objects


  - Pd is frame-based.  This means it's possible to use the frames for
    something else than sequential signals, i.e. sequences of vectors
    like STFT In the bridging from primitive processors -> frames, the
    last step is an unrolling or a for loop that takes care of the
    adaptation, and in the translation to LLVM primitives some types
    are stripped (no distinction between sequential / parallel
    frames).  How to systematize this?

  - The interface will take:
    - input/output frames (could be sequential or vectors).
    - flat state vector

  - There is a lot of red tape to formalize.  It should be possible to
    tackle this all at once, find some kind of formalism to put this
    patching and rolling to rest.