Sat Sep 10 08:57:46 EDT 2011


Life happening lately, so where are we with the meta project?

- Trying out Haskell DSL using some standard methods:

  * DSPM: A first order, statically typed Monadic DSL implemented as a
    type class where primitives are a -> M b, a -> b -> M c, ... to
    allow do-notation to provide binding structure.
  * SigOpM: composition of state-space models (causal, finite-state
    signal operators) written in a monadic DSL using the Arrow

  * PrimData: representation of composite state to support abstract
    interpretation (compilation).

- Problems:

  * Getting to know the power and limitations of the Haskell type
    system.  The main difficulty is seeing why some "intuitively
    obvious" are not structured properly to be expressed using the
    constructs I know.