Tue Aug 2 12:22:32 CEST 2011

Predicates and Control flow

It's straightforward to write Eval for if_ but what about code?

Another interesting problem is the types of Eq and Ord: a -> a ->
Bool.  This is only useful for partially evaluated conditiond.

Maybe it's time to switch to AwesomePrelude[1], though there are a lot
of problems that sort of negate its usefulness.  Seems to me that
writing a parser that replaces part of the Haskell syntax is a simpler
approach.  I'm starting to miss Scheme now.  Makes me wonder, how hard
is it to do this in (typed) Scheme?

The problem of Eq and Ord is a non-issue.  Either define some
different symbols like .== .> .< or redefine the Prelude symbols in
modules that perform computations.

Representing control flow otoh is a whole other story.  The main
questions to answer are:

- variable context: it is absolutely essential that a C-style (local)
  context is maintained for loops.  tail recursion is nice but the
  simultaneous assignment is something i don't know how to handle.
  maybe it's a non-issue?

- function inlining: at some point a decision needs to be made about
  function inlining.  currently in SymAsm everything is inlined.

[1] entry://../compsci/20110802-141549