Wed Apr 7 00:45:30 CEST 2010

Embedding C in Haskell

I'm a bit too tired atm for the details, but this[1] seems
interesting.  Got to it from LtU[2].  See also [3] and my earlier

How would one run such a system in practice?  Is it possible to build
a useful _real_ machine (i.e. a small microcontroller) without the
notion of program?

Maybe I'm at a good point here to think really hard about these
issues.  I want to build a language that lets me express the
audiosynth algorithms I know to derive an implementation.  I want to
do this without imperative notions.  Possibly in a total functional

Looks like I must be careful to not re-invent continuation- and
stream-based I/O[5].

[1] http://augustss.blogspot.com/2007/08/programming-in-c-ummm-haskell-heres.html
[2] http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/3893#comment
[3] http://conal.net/blog/posts/can-functional-programming-be-liberated-from-the-von-neumann-paradigm/
[4] entry://../compsci/20100115-080242
[5] http://research.microsoft.com/~simonpj/papers/history-of-haskell/