Sat Sep 19 11:22:56 CEST 2009

Extensions to C syntax

Instead of trying to invent ad-hoc syntax, why not stick with C?  Now
that c.plt is complete, it might be interesting to implement DSL
features as simply extensions that fit in the original syntax.  I.e.

    solve(a * x + b * y == q,
          c * x + d * y == r);

This would parse as a function call to `relation' with two expressions
as arguments, and could expand into a declaration for x and y in terms
of a,b,c,d,q,r.  This could be used to build arbitrary tree

          a * x + b * y == q,
          c * x + d * y == r);

I'm moving this into staapl[1].

[1] entry://../staapl/20090919-120436