Sun Jul 19 14:04:07 CEST 2009

C is not a programming language

C serves as an _interface standard_ that hold together a large part of
the elecronics and embedded software industry.  This is not a bad
thing.  It looks like it is practically impossible to get at any kind
of standard which such a huge span in a constructive way: nobody seems
to be resourceful enough to get this organized.  (Or inclined to..)
So we're stuck with suboptimal, evolved and half broken yet
somehow-good-enough standards...

However, this is no reason to confuse C with a good programming

Maybe it is Dijkstra's lost BASIC generation that has switched from
BASIC to C after they got into electronics because they thought they
already knew how to program?  (That's basicly my story.)

C as a programming language behaves as a blindfold.  From my own
experience it seems to be a local optimum that prevents one from
looking outside one's pieceful little shire because the distance to
modern programming systems is simply too great.  Any road that leads
away from C in the _right_ direction (from the embedded systems
programmer's long-term sanity's point of view) seems to be wrought
with secondary problems that prevent "sticking" as a standard
approach.  The issues are usually those typical of absence of any
standard: there is too much freedom to make choices, so people roll
their own and add to the overall noise.

Evolution will not save us here!
Something needs to be done.