Fri Jan 5 02:42:34 EST 2018


intersection/union triggered an association:
this is S-D encoding

Basic idea: 2% of neurons is on.  This is a normalization.

That's exactly what reminds me of the SD stuff: logical operations
might have some other algebraic meaning if they've got enough
decorrelation and are far enough from the saturation (full on or off).

spectra, colors, distributions

sparse distributed representations (SDR)

overlap "means something", because random overlaps are very rare.

density is low, such that the chance of overlap becomes low, which is
a key property (overlap chance is approx s^2 for small s).

conclusions to be made in case s is small:

- existence of overlap is not likely due to chance
- it's ok to match a subset to test for a pattern
- noise can be mitigated
Btw matches in overlap sets are bloom filters.