Mon Jan 21 14:12:49 CET 2013

Faust, or point-free DSP

While I very much like the idea, my current opinion is that lambda is
king, and if one wants a combinator approach, it should be written on
top of lambda.  Both named/unnamed data approaches are valid, but
writing unnamed on top of named (lambda) is easier than the other way

I also no longer see the point of writing a DSL that is not embedded
in an "old" tried-and-true functional language (Haskell or Racket).
Writing languages and compilers for DSL is hard enough without having
to also re-implement the low level details like symbol management and
input parsing.

That said, it might be an interesting application to implement Faust
on top of the stream language I'm writing here[2].

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAUST_(programming_language)
[2] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/meta/rai