Sun Jan 2 20:48:09 EST 2011

The 7 divisions of the string.

From Antti[1].

This is a simple algorithm for constructing musical interval ratios,
starting with small numbers.  We stop when the denominator corresponds
to a regular polygon not constructable by ruler and compass.

Now that sounds quite magical, but what does it mean?  I think the
non-constructable polygons (by ruler and compass) are the same as the
n-th order polynomials factorizable by radicals.  This problem is
really about symmetry / discrete groups.

The question is then: is this a coincidence, i.e. simply a question of
where the brain decides ``well, this is enough beating to be called
stable sound'' or does it really have something to do with the
symmetry behind the non-constructable polygons.

[1] http://ndirty.cute.fi/~karttu/Kepler/a086592.htm
[2] http://ndirty.cute.fi/~karttu/Kepler/HarMun.txt