Fri Apr 9 20:03:34 EDT 2010

Sussman about crappy notation

In the video[1] Arnold's book[3] is mentioned two times (and that he's
a SOB).  Sussman doesn't like the ambiguous notation.  

  Arnold[3] p246: (not breaking with tradition and explaining what the
  Langrange equations mean) and p258: ``It is necessary to use the
  apparatus of partial derivatives, in which even the notation is

Sussman uses the notation based on Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds[5]
which handles it properly: partial differentials expressed in terms of
position of parameter instead of names that can have different
meanings (parameters or functions).  See p.44 at the end of the
chapter about differentiation[6].

His point: programming forces one to be precise and formal without
being excessively rigorous.

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