Wed May 16 10:28:48 EDT 2018

Device tree

Node names and references.  What does this mean?

&am33xx_pinmux {

It appears this adds nodes to the existing node "am33xx_pinmux".
E.g. that node is defined in am33xx.dtsi:

/ {
    ocp: ocp {
        l4_wkup: l4_wkup@44c00000 {
            scm: scm@210000 {
                am33xx_pinmux: pinmux@800 {

So the general dts syntax seems to be:

  label: node_name[@address]

The @address is a naming convention.  The address doesn't seem to be
used numerically anywhere.  The whole string node_name@address is the
node identifier.  These need to be unique among siblings.

label is a globally unique label.

&label     string reflecting full path
<&label>   phandle

Q: What does "compatible" mean?


It is the key an operating system uses to decide which device driver
to bind to a device.

(* 12 20000 16)