Wed Oct 26 20:37:44 EDT 2016

timesys 3.0 mach-mvf idle

- Q what is the wakeup source?
i want to wakeup on lan

Grep for "wfi" -> mvf_suspend.S
obj-$(CONFIG_ARCH_MVFA5) += clock.o mvf_suspend.o

which is set in config

the mvf_suspend() function preps and executs wfi.
It is called in pm.c which executes it from sram.  suspend_in_iram()

which is called from mvf_suspen_enter()

So all of this is for the deeper sleep modes.

-Q: is wfi called in cpu idle loop?

grepping for pm_idle in arch/arm doesn't turn anything up for mvf.

can't find it in mainline 4.8.4 either -- only imx

>> Power measurement (Colibri VF61, whole module):
>> - Idle: 540mW
>> - LP-RUN: 220mW (standby)
>> - STOP: 200mW (mem)

That patch mentions that code is not excuting from sram yet, while
mainline does have that.