Sat Jan 9 09:51:33 CET 2010

Bootstrapping the VM

Essence: compile scheme to some lower form that can be serialized and
interpreted by the VM or can be compiled to native machine code.

Ideally, it would be something that can be mmapped.  Two
straightforward optimizations come to mind:

   - replacing code pointers w. opcode tags
   - flattening the code tree

Now, the challenge is, since an ANF interpreter is similar to a
concatenative interpreter, how to make sure both can be hosted?

Ok, let's dig up the tree rep I used before, now renamed to

This can compactly encode arbitrary tree structures, and the bytecode
is a tree structure.

But, it's really not necessary.  There is already an s-expression
parser, and it might be simplest to just use ANF transformed scheme as
the serialized "byte code" form.

I can't seem to find a proper point of attack.  To many degrees of

Anyways, when using a human-readable s-expression ANF form as a
bytecode representation, the code that compiles this to the currently
established internal representation needs to be written in C.

Done.  This was quite straightforward.