Mon Aug 27 14:52:39 EDT 2018

nix/haskell build problems, Show1

Things I didn't have problems with before suddenly are problematic.
What I miss is a good way to pin versions.

How to resolve this?  I clearly don't know what I'm doing, so I wonder
what is the quickest way to just get it up and running again.

EDIT: Look at the build error itself and try to find out where it is
coming from.

Maybe I just need a break.  Fuck this shit.

EDIT: Yeah a lot of things broke at once with very obscure error
messages.  Ultimately, the solution was to downgrade to ghc 8.2.2 from
the nixos-18.03 channel.  This does not have the Show1 issue.

To implement Show1 manually, figure out what it is actually supposed
to do.  Documentation isn't very clear.  I.e. what is the Int
parameter for?