Fri Jul 20 15:33:26 EDT 2018

Local copies of modules

One important thing to figure out is how to build a local copy of a
module.  Currently I've been just using links.

Looks like I'm going to have to so something to erlang-ffi:

        "** ~w: Connection attempt ~s node ~w ~s since it cannot handle ~p.**~n",

Try to do this with cabal2nix

tom@panda:~/humanetics/gw_src/meta$ cabal2nix
Missing: URI

Usage: cabal2nix [--version] [--sha256 HASH] [--maintainer MAINTAINER]
                 [--no-haddock] [--no-check] [--jailbreak] [--revision ARG]
                 [--no-hyperlink-source] [--enable-library-profiling]
                 [--enable-executable-profiling] [--enable-profiling]
                 [--extra-arguments ARG] [--hackage-db PATH] [--shell]
                 [-f|--flag ARG] [--compiler ARG] [--system ARG]
                 [--subpath PATH] URI
  Recognized URI schemes:
    cabal://pkgname-pkgversion     download the specified package from Hackage
    cabal://pkgname                download latest version of this package from Hackage
    file:///local/path             load the Cabal file from the local disk
    /local/path                    abbreviated version of file URI
    <git/svn/bzr/hg URL>           download the source from the specified repository
  If the URI refers to a cabal file, information for building the package will
  be retrieved from that file, but hackage will be used as a source for the
  derivation. Otherwise, the supplied URI will be used to as the source for the
  derivation and the information is taken from the cabal file at the root of the
  downloaded source.


EDIT: Something strange in gw_src/meta... only until I edited the
.cabal file and removed the library did it compile properly.