Thu Aug 21 23:30:12 CEST 2014

Local copies of subprojects

Haven't found a good way to make a subproject without a subproject.
I.e. if top is darcs and includes the subproject in the tree, how to
properly sync things?

Can git pull from a non git archive?

What about this approach:
- soft link git -> ~/git/zl/.git
- never do anything automatically!
- merge working tree, e.g. libprim/zl to current master

The trouble is that this is "inverted".  I.e. applying a change to
libprim/zl is a revert to master zl.  This in itself is not an issue,
but it would be simpler to have a separate git repo.

So what about this: keep separate git repos that are in sync with the
parent darcs/git, but never update them automatically.

Maybe it's best to just record the hash, and make a script that checks
out that hash, then does a merge with master, and then merge those
changes into the parent darcs/git.

This allows git to do the merging.  Deleting the .git when it's not
used for merging then avoids confusion since there are two source
control mechanisms looking at the same working tree.

Important ideas:

- let git do the merging

- use only temporary git repository during the merge

- record the hash of last merged version