Mon Jan 3 19:02:44 EST 2011

gEDA diode conventions

I noticed that the pin numbers used by the default gschem symbols for
diodes and LEDs are reversed from the pin numbers in the footprints
T1.75_LED from newlib and DO-35.fp from luciani.org[1].

diode:   Cathode (-)   ---|<|--- Anode (+)

led.sch:        1                   2
T1.75_LED       2                   1

diode.sch:      2                   1
DO-35.fp        1                   2

That's maximally wrong!  In fact my disto layout had both led and
diode reversed which messed up the biasing.

Normalized to:  1 = cathode,  2 = anode.

EDIT: apparently SPICE has standard pin numbers, so whe should stick
to those. This is the `pinseq' attribute.

[1] http://www.luciani.org/geda/pcb/
[2] http://www.luciani.org/geda/pcb/pcb-symbols-jcl_2008-4-25.tgz