Fri Dec 17 12:28:50 EST 2010

Using gschem + PCB

I've used them before to make the sheepsint boards[1][2].  It's quirky
but it works.  Some things to find out:

  - How to properly do dual/quad opamps.  Does this need 2+1 / 4+1
    symbols?  Opamps + power supply?  General question: how to make a
    symbol share a package?  FIXED: Use different symbols, but the
    same refdes.

  - Keep your own library of symbols and packages.  There seems to be
    little consistency between releases and distributions..  The
    formats are not so difficult, and fully text-editable.  Mine is

  - Converting schematic to .ps and .pdf, see the print.scm and
    Makefile here[3].

[1] http://zwizwa.be/staapl/sheep/
[2] http://zwizwa.be/staapl/catkit/
[3] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/pedal
[4] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/gaf
[5] http://pcb.gpleda.org/pcb-20100929/pcb.html