Sat Apr 1 00:25:13 EDT 2017

Flair Espresso

Machine arrived.  Looks neat.  Try it in the morning!

Other machines:

EDIT: Light roast ethiopian tastes very sour.
Darker roast would probably be better.

EDIT: Reading more: finer grid + longer extraction might work better.

Also maybe try lungo? But how to get the piston out?

EDIT: Slower extraction works better. Less sour, but still quite so.

EDIT: Counterculture fast forward.  Better than the ethiopian.  Might
also be because it is fresher.  Tried lungo, but after first sipping
the espresso it tastes a little flat.

EDIT: New grinder.  Ok on some unknown setting in the middle.  Today
tried minimal, but that is too fine.  Becomes almost a paste when
mixed with water.  Try a bit more later.  There are "clicks" you can
feel from the smallest setting up.