Fri Oct 24 15:06:41 EDT 2014


Working from New York style dough in Peter Reinhart's American Pie [1].
Second time went a lot better. 

- New york style dough made the day before according to [1].

- Marinara sauce
- Smoked mozeralla, slices  (not a lot, about 1/3rd to 1/4th of a 1/2 pound ball)
- Artichoke hearts
- Brown mushrooms
- Garlic (lots!)
- Onlion, sauteed (just onions in the pan to get the liquid out, no oil or butter)
- Ground black pepper

- Made dough very thin (much thinner than 1/4" as in peter's book)
- Baked on metal pizza plate with holes
- highest setting 550deg for 15 minutes.

Very crispy crust.

First time yesterday didn't go so well.  Still doughy even after
baking for 30 hour at 400deg.

Some ideas why:

- Too many toppings, 

- onion way too wet (better sautee the wet stuff like onions)

- Too thick

- 400 deg is not hot enough.

- Doesn't taste as floury as yesterday, even crust.  Assuming letting
  the dough sit overnight does a lot of good.

The dough was a little adventure.  No measuring cup nor scale in the
house so just winged it and had to add a lot of flour later because
dough was very sticky.  Still a bit too sticky probably since trying
the swing in the air thing lead to a nicely folded thing that had to
be untied again.  I just stuck to stretching as it seemed to be
allowing that just fine.

[1] http://www.amazon.com/American-Pie-Search-Perfect-Pizza/dp/1580084222