Sat Jul 15 16:05:07 EDT 2017

distel problem

(gw@> distel:functions(web, "").

(gw@> distel:functions(erlang, "").

Somehow it can't find the module..  Did something change?

This was needed to get the proper module list:

(gw@> distel:rebuild_completions().

But the function list is still not there... Maybe something broke
after erlang update?  This does seem to do some disassembly of the
.beam files.  Needs a closer look.



make -C ~/emacs/distel

Performing raw queries seems to work:
xref:q(distel_completions, "(Fun) web : Mod").

Weird, now it works:
(gw@> distel:functions(web,"").

Not sure what exactly changed...
Maybe just reloading distel?

Yes I know what this is.
App no longer loads all the modules.

Now it brok again...

So the problem is with xref:q 

I'm getting different results after killing the query server and
restarting with distel:rebuild_completions().

(gw@> xref:q(distel_completions, "(Fun) web : Mod").

(gw@> distel:rebuild_completions().
(gw@> xref:q(distel_completions, "(Fun) web : Mod").

It's as if some results get lost.

Yeah really no way to debug this apart from knowing how it is all
supposed to work.