Thu Feb 7 11:03:25 EST 2019

Disable flycheck when "make flycheck.env" doesn't work

This should not go into library code.  It's a top level project
feature.  Use something similar to .push_change

Problem is that flycheck uses shell commands for configuration, not
lisp code.  flycheck-gcc does:

make flycheck.env 2>&1 >/dev/null
. ./flycheck.env

EDIT: Is it possible to run flycheck-define-checker in a hook or
something?  I need some Emacs code to determine which code to run
based on the file.


(defun my-flycheck-command-wrapper (args)
  ;; Allow flycheck to depend on indirection stored in the file
  ;; system, e.g. in parent directory hierarchy.
  (message (format "flycheck: %s %s" default-directory args))
(setq flycheck-command-wrapper-function 'my-flycheck-command-wrapper)

I think this is going to work.  Generalize .push_change