Sun Dec 9 12:50:44 EST 2018


Another problem on tab completion:

Unexpected reply: [rex [badrpc [EXIT [undef ([xref start (distel_completions ([xref_mode modules])) nil] [distel start 1 ([file "src/distel.erl"] [line 1079])] [distel xref_query 1 ([file "src/distel.erl"] [line 1059])] [distel xref_modules 1 ([file "src/distel.erl"] [line 710])] [rpc -handle_call_call/6-fun-0- 5 ([file "rpc.erl"] [line 187])])]]]]


The module xref is not found, while it is there:

tom@panda:/usr/lib/erlang$ find -name xref.erl
tom@panda:/usr/lib/erlang$ find -name xref.beam

Does this have something to do with start options?

Ok I see.  The release _does_ include all the erlang library files,
just not the run system.  So xref needs to be added.

Adding 'tools' application to exo deps worked.

EDIT: This breaks the initial startup! Fucking shite.