Fri May 6 08:59:20 EDT 2016


Have been working on multiple machines lately, where I spend too much
time manually merging repositories.  A different strategy is needed.

The main driver for working locally is:
- convenience (no network latencies or mount security problems).
- local hardware interfaces (USB).

NFS would really solve this, but I'm not keen on deploying it because
of its own security issues.  Local security model is that local
network is not trusted, but local VPN is.  Maybe trust NFS on VPN?

Another simplification: run only one emacs session, centrally.
Otherwise different emacsen will still get out of sync.  This allows
server-side edit & source control & build, but local execution for
hardware access.

For HATD it's even possible to run most software on server and use
rinetd for forwarding over VPN.