Wed Aug 10 12:56:02 CEST 2011

cscope hacks

What I want to speed up code reviews is to have 2 windows, the calling
side in the left window, and the called site in the right, and a
possibility to "shift" through the stack this way.

CALL    can be implemented by `cscope-find-global-definition'
RETURN  can be implemented by a real stack

The definition of cscope-find-global-definition is in (Debian install)

Looking at the source of cscope-call, it seems that the following
variable determines whether the cscope buffer is displayed.  It could
be overridden in a dynamic variable.

cscope-display-cscope-buffer's value is t

A useful function then becomes (the name is temporary..)

(defun cscope-enter () (interactive)
  (let ((cscope-display-cscope-buffer nil))

This is not what is described above, but already a bit more usuful
than the plain function.