Fri May 30 23:58:41 EDT 2014

Cheap 5V rail-to-rail opamp available in DIP

The LM324N is good enough for most things, but I'd like to find a good
5V rail2rail for when I need it.

LMV324L[1], similar in price to LM324N.

Available in DIP, Microchip seems to be the cheapest.

These have a 550kHz GBW, 5mV offset, 35mV from rails[2]

MCP6004-I/P-ND similar with 1MHz GBW[3].

Next up is TI TL972IPE4 TL974IN (<$1), low noise, low distortion, gbw
12MHz[4].  Looks like a nice one.  The also mentioned here[6] is the
TLV2371[5] and LM6142[7].

Mentioned here[8] is the TLV2774[9].

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