Fri Jul 6 13:04:58 EDT 2012

Belkin Share Max N300 UART

I'm opening it up to find the UART.  Remove the 2 torx screws in the
foot, pry open the case along the slit.  This removes one plastic
cover exposing the front of the boared.  Remove 4 philips screws to
remove the board after removing the other cover.

From inspection, it's probably J3, which has a 4 pin header:

1  VCC
2  TX
3  RX
4  GND

GND based on trace: pin is connected to ground plane.  From there TX
gave something on logic analyzer.  The RX/VCC is a guess based on the
traces I can see going to the chip: only 2/3.

Captured on the Logic analyzer is "Decompressing..."
Autobaud rate is 114285 ~ 115200.
Voltage is 3.3V