Sat Apr 23 00:48:38 EDT 2011

El-cheapo modular synth board layout

The missing link: a no-brainer connection strategy.  When using a
current in, voltage out approach, many circuits become simpler, and
you get free fixed-gain configurability if you allow the resistors to
be socketed.  I.e. using a 3-hole configuration like:

in  Ra Rb
 o--o  o--> vground

A wire can be plugged into the input, and a gain resistor can be
plugged across Ra/Rb.  This layout has the advantage that it can
accomodate both a proto-board and the final layout (simply hard-wire
the connection and the scaling resistor).

To make it even simpler the resistor can be omitted and be made part
of the "patch cable", however that doesn't work well for simple
fixed circuit boards.

So a 3x1 100 mil through-hole array seems best.  If all sockets are
made female, patch wires can be made cheap (just stripped wire) and
resistors go straight into the sockets.